Out of Town - Pegasus Chartered Services
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Do you have to be there at 4:30 a.m.? Arriving very late at night? No problem – we are here 24 hours every day, 7 days a week to cater to what you need.


Pegasus provides convenient and reliable transportation to and from the Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Evansville and surrounding airports.

Chicago, Nashville and St. Louis pickups and dropoffs can generally also be completed within a single day’s drive, without the need for an overnight charge.

Our large group coordinators can make scheduling your multiple airline arrivals and departures a breeze. Send us a spreadsheet or an email with the dates and times, and we can help group your arrivals together in the most efficient and economical way possible. If you need different groups billed separately, no problem.

We provide an extra service for our arriving passengers at no extra charge. Let us know what your arriving flight number is and we will electronically monitor that flight for changes. If you arrive early or late, rest assured that we will be there on time, as promised, and you’ll never be charged for a missed run if your flight gets canceled. For that extra feeling of security, we can also provide your personal chauffeur’s cell phone number to call or text with updates on your ETA.